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Best Lenovo Laptops With AMD Ryzen & Intel In India (2023)

Dec 06, 2023

If you are on the lookout for your next laptop and want a device that you will cherish using for a long time, then you must consider Lenovo. They have laptops that fit any use case in every budget, from a basic Chromebook for a school student all the way up to high-end gaming/content creation beasts and everything in between.

Lenovo is one of the best laptop brands globally and has a lot of goodwill in the Indian market, too. This comes down to their above-average value proposition, fantastic build quality no matter the price range, and daring designs that make them stand out from the mundane sea of black and silver laptops.

After testing dozens of their models to find the best ones from their lineup in every price range, we curated the list of the best Lenovo laptops in India for you today.

We will discuss our top picks from Lenovo shortly, but before that, read about what you can expect from the laptops on this list.

Lenovo is known to offer some of the sturdiest laptops. Their promise to use military-grade plastics and metal alloys, durable damage-resistant glass, high precision milled hinges and internal components means that even their most thin and light laptop offers tank-like durability that is so important on a device that has to brave the elements every day.

Pushing the envelope of design, Lenovo laptops are offered in a wide variety of colours along with finishes that enhance their feel and add to functionality by helping in cooling, typing comfort, and more.

Laptops on this list will feature Intel (i3, i5, and i7) and AMD (Ryzen 5 and 7 series) processors with integrated graphics, SSDs, high-capacity memory, and the latest IO ports and connectivity modems, among other things.

This list includes something for everyone, and you are sure to find a good match for your requirements from the products we have selected.

Lenovo did not build its phenomenal goodwill in India simply based on its products; the company’s ethos is based on service. They have a customer-centric business model, from helping you pick a product to giving you the best possible deals and financial support to servicing you for years after your purchase.

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Lenovo has you covered from all angles when it comes to 2-in-1s, so if you like Yoga 7 but prefer Intel, then we present to you the Yoga 7 Evo, which is an upgraded version packing a 12th-gen Intel i7 1260p, 16GB/512GB RAM and NVMe SSD.

You have read about this combo many times and know that it offers serious performance even here. The i7 especially elevates the laptop into the high-end performance category. But what’s more impressive than the beastly performance is the display, which is a super sharp QHD OLED display with perfectly deep blacks, full DCI-P3 coverage, certified by Dolby Vision, and running at 90 Hz.

The brightness level could have been better, though, as it prevents the colours from really popping and does not provide HDR. The touch response is flawless, and the included stylus pen works smoothly and is great for note-taking and some professional creative work too.

All of this is packed into an all-aluminium chassis that is 1.7 CM thin and weighs less than 1.5 kg. The hinge can bend and support the laptop in an unlimited number of angles and makes for an awesome entertainment device due to the quad speaker setup, which booms out deep and sharp bass and maintains clarity in the highs, too. The webcam is also a step up from the usual 720p units to a 1080p IR focus lens, making video conferences look more professional.

Our pick for the best Lenovo laptop in India for working professionals would be the ThinkBook 15. If you do a lot of office work that requires consistent high-level performance so that you can focus solely on your productivity, then look no further. This laptop has an FHD IPS display with an anti-glare coating so that you can work in bright environments without that irritating sheen on the glass.

It is equipped with the right balance of components, such as an Intel i7 processor and 16 GB of RAM, to handle everything that you throw at it. The backlit keyboard and mylar surface touchpad elevate the working experience on this machine. It also has all the modern connectivity options you will need and is built to stand the test of time.

This is a premium 2-in-1 laptop for you if you prefer AMD over Intel. It sports a Ryzen 7 5800U with 16GB RAM and a 512 GB NVMe SSD. The components just mentioned come together into an explosive package that rampages through even moderately heavy tasks with ease.

The display is the standout feature here; this FHD panel covers 100% of the sRGB gamut. An IPS panel has perfect viewing angles, colour reproduction, and fantastic contrast levels. The touchscreen is super responsive, which will improve your productivity by becoming a constant means by which you interact with the interface, which already runs buttery smooth thanks to the stacked hardware. Speakers are also loud and clear, which, combined with the backwards tilting hinge, allow you to prop it up like a TV for the ultimate entertainment experience.

There’s a stylus pen included in the package, so it is a great pick for an amateur artist or anyone who would appreciate its ability to take handwritten notes and mark up documents. Its 71 wH battery provides noteworthy endurance, easily lasting through an entire day of moderately heavy use in our testing with juice to spare. So this Lenovo laptop is great for long work sessions away from an outlet.

The fourth Lenovo laptop in India on this list features an AMD chipset, and this time it is for gamers. This one features a slightly more powerful Ryzen 7 5800H processor than the 5800U in the Yoga 7. The difference between 5800 U and H is that the H version has a higher TDP, meaning it can boost to higher clock speeds, which is beneficial for gaming.

This also means that the package cannot be as slim or light as the Yoga 7 because it needs adequate cooling, which it manages as well as any laptop in this range, only heating up after extended usage and does not overheat in our testing. 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB NVMe SSD is on deck, so expect no storage or memory-related issues.

The display is a phenomenal IPS QHD panel that hits a 165Hz refresh rate and supports Freesync for tear-free visuals on screen. Connecting to the internet will be done via a WiFi 6 modem, so you’ll have the edge in multiplayer games. The speakers are powerful and bassy, but since the fans can get quite loud, you will stick to headphones while gaming.

The graphics are handled by an RTX 3060 with 6 GB of VRAM, plenty for multiplayer games to take advantage of the 165Hz display and can also deliver 60+ FPS in modern AAA titles with medium-high graphics.

Another 2-in-1 flip laptop by Lenovo, but this time, it’s rocking a 12th-gen Intel i5 1235U chipset, which is not as beefy as the Ryzen 7 chipset in the Yoga 7. But, this laptop is meant to compete in a slightly lower price range and offers up great performance when you consider that factor.

It has 16 GB of RAM and a 512 GB SSD, which is SATA compared to NVMe on the Yoga 7, which is a huge drawback here. Talking about the most important aspect of any 2-in-1, the display is great here. It’s an FHD IPS panel but is slightly smaller than the Yoga 7 and also less bright. Still, contrast levels and viewing are good, and the touch response is perfect. It has the latest WiFi 6 modem for stable connections.

The battery life on this one falls short of its bigger AMD cousin, so expect it to get drained by the end of the day if you are doing moderately heavy tasks and using the screen at higher brightness levels.

It has integrated intel graphics, which are weaker than the Radeon graphics in the Yoga 7, so they cannot handle the same complexities but are decent for light creative tasks such as sketching and even some photo and video editing.

If you are a working professional looking for a capable laptop to handle multitasking and a full day of work without hiccups, then this Lenovo laptop is for you. It’s a very capable ultrabook equipped with an 11th-gen Intel i5, 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB NVMe SSD that pair up and ease through the most demanding of work days without any sign of being burdened.

It’s not as light as some other ultrabooks, but that’s down to its larger screen, which is an FHD IPS panel that gets nice and bright to handle the occasional outdoor session and will give you a great experience if you choose to relax and watch your favourite flicks. There’s a fingerprint scanner to keep your data secure and help you log in more quickly.

It has an aluminium metal top that lends it a look that says it means business and also adds to its durability. The battery life on this is very good, and the 57 wH pack can power your needs for an entire day.

There’s a privacy shutter on the camera to avoid potential snoopers and a wide array of ports so that you never lack the option to connect the necessary peripherals for work. It has a backlit keyboard to ease the strain on your eyes when working in dim environments.

We end this list off with our pick for the best budget laptop by Lenovo. If you are looking for something for basic work needs or for a student who has to do extensive web browsing and work with docs, then this laptop is a perfect choice. It runs on an 11th-gen Intel i3 1115G4, which is a top-end i3 processor.

Combined with 512 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, it handled all the basic tasks we threw at it without a hitch. You will enjoy consuming your favourite shows and movies on the FHD anti-glare screen that puts out decent colours and contrast and gets bright enough for normal outdoor conditions. Speaker quality is acceptable for entertainment or calls in a quiet room. The webcam has a privacy shutter, and the camera quality is adequate for video conferences.

The battery life on this laptop is adequate for a day’s usage with moderate workloads, lasting 5 hours in our tests and providing 8 hours of HD video playback at full brightness. The battery can be charged up to 80% in just one hour using rapid charging, which enhances its portability and gives you peace of mind.

It has a USB C gen-3 port and Bluetooth 5, which supports multiple device connections and connects to the internet through a WiFi 5 modem. This laptop is a great package that offers stellar performance without hurting your wallet.

We only recommend products that we have had in our hands and thoroughly tested for the benefit of our readers to help them make the right purchase. We have stringent testing standards, including a rigorous course of benchmark tests meant to determine the performance, battery life tests, and display quality testing using professional equipment.

We run all the popular synthetic benchmarks, such as Geekbench, 3DMark, and PCMark 10. Our experts have used these devices extensively in the real world for at least a week to determine their efficacy in real-life scenarios and better understand how the peripherals, such as speakers, ports, cameras, keyboards, etc., function. We feel confident in recommending these products to you as our own team personally uses some of these devices from Lenovo, and we know that they are worth the hard-earned cash you will be dropping on one of them.

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Our team uses some of the devices we recommended in the list above, so we are confident they will also meet your requirements. Lenovo is a reputable brand with a great service network in India, so you can purchase their products without worrying about the quality or performance. You can also rely on our experts’ opinions, who have tested various products before narrowing it down to the list we presented today.

1) Which is the best Lenovo laptop for gaming?A) We recommended the Lenovo Legion 5 in this list, which, as per our testing, provided the best gaming performance even compared to competing brands.

2) Are these laptops suitable for coding?A) Yes, the i5/i7/Ryzen 7 equipped laptops on this list can handle coding and code compilation tasks and will be great options for professional coders or students learning computer science.

3) Can Lenovo be trusted?A) Lenovo is a brand that has pioneered many privacy and security features in consumer electronics. All the laptops on this list come with privacy shutters on webcams, fingerprint scanners, pre-loaded anti-virus software and much more. Lenovo will respect users’ data and privacy; you can use their products without worrying about your safety.

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