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LEGO brick with Raspberry Pi RP2040 runs Doom

May 04, 2024

James Brown (aka Ancient) has built a tiny computer inside a LEGO brick with a Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller and a 0.42-inch OLED display. And yes, it runs Doom.

So finally, the LEGO minifigures have access to a computer suitable for their size :).

James did not post a lot of information to reproduce the build by yourself, but he still released the “uGrey” code, written in Micropython, to display greyscale on a monochrome OLED.

We can learn from the design in a mesmerizing video (embedded at the end of this post) showing how he made a Raspberry Pi RP2040 computer fit into a LEGO brick. The tiny design is comprised of five main boards/modules:

Since soldering the four modules together by hand only would be really challenging, James relied on 3D printed jigs to help with soldering the 3D electronics design. He then soldered the OLED display and made sure everything worked as expected. Note the two bits at the top are capacitive touch buttons.

The next step involves another 3D-printed jig together with LEGO rods serving as a mold to embed the electronics into a resin-based dark LEGO brick that is transparent enough for the display.

The system can then be powered by a LEGO power brick. Watch the video below to see how the unit was assembled, and a short demo at the 11:48 mark.


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