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Philips Hue breaks into home security with pricey lineup of cameras and sensors

Sep 01, 2023

Matter support is also coming to the Hue Bridge very soon

Philips Hue has been a big player in the smart lighting space for as long as smart lights have been around, and still makes some of the best smart lights you can get — even if they are pricier than many competing options. Now, it's entering the smart home security space with a line of products it's calling Philips Hue Secure. The similarly premium Hue Secure line includes flexible camera options and new sensors, with availability starting this fall.

The focal point of Hue's new Secure lineup is the Philips Hue Secure camera, which will be available in a number of configurations. There are wired and wireless models available in either black or white, suitable for use indoors or out, plus a version with an attached floodlight that only comes in black. The cameras feature 1080p video with night vision, plus other common smart security camera bells and whistles, like customizable activity alerts.

There will, of course, be a paid subscription required for premium features like 30-day cloud video storage, starting at $4 per month per camera, plus a tier that offers 60-day storage for multiple cameras for $10 per month. Cameras will start at a premium $200 for the wired model (or $230, if you want a "desktop stand" to go with it). The battery-powered version will cost $250, and the floodlight camera will set you back a cool $350. The wired and battery-powered models will go on sale this fall, with availability for the floodlight model expected to begin in early 2024.

Hue says that subject identification occurs on-device, and that footage from its Secure cameras will be end-to-end encrypted by default, meaning nobody but you — including Hue itself — should be able to view your video feed, even if your local network becomes compromised.

Hue is also introducing a contact sensor for use on doors and windows that can be configured to control various other smart home functions when triggered — think use cases like having the lights in your house automatically turn on when you open the front door. Single contact sensors will cost $40, with a two-pack available for $70. The Hue Secure contact sensor will also be available this fall.

Philips Hue's Festavia string lights, first introduced last year, are getting an update this fall. Unlike the previous generation, Hue's new string lights will be fit for use indoors or outdoors. They'll be even more expensive than the original, however: a 100-light strip costs $120; a 250-light strip goes for $220; and a 500-LED strip will set you back a staggering $360. The new Festavia lights will be available beginning in September.

Matter support is coming to Hue lights very soon: starting in September, an update for the Philips Hue Bridge will retrofit Matter compatibility onto any connected lights, allowing for more seamless control of your connected Hue kit from other smart home apps. With a heaping helping of new features and products on the way, it's shaping up to be an exciting — and expensive — few months for Hue fans.

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