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2024 Krämer GP2

Feb 10, 2024

Meet the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR, the latest turn-key track bike from Krämer Motorcycles that will surely turn the heads of racetrack-focused riders. Given the current crop of incredible sport machines on the market, that statement might seem overzealous, but here’s the rub—a 138 horsepower, premium chassis components, and an ultra-light wet weight of 313 pounds delivered as a ready-to-race package, even down to the safety wire. Slap some numbers on the front, and you’re off to the races, literally.

The GP2-890RR is a follow-up to the German brand’s already well-equipped GP2-890R, a machine that boasts a dizzying list of top-shelf components and an impressive 309-pound wet weight. The extra “R” in the new RR-spec variant doubles down on those narratives while bringing several performance-minded upgrades. To that end, more power is extracted from KTM’s 889cc LC8 parallel-twin, advanced electronic rider aids join the party, and redesigned bodywork features improved aerodynamics.

Looking beyond the spec sheet, the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR announcement coincides with the boutique Bavarian brand’s growth, seeing as it will be the first model in its budding lineup to roll out of its brand-new 43,000-square-foot manufacturing facility located in Burghausen. The German marque has also unveiled a new logo, celebrating a decade of doing business in the niche space of competition-only motorcycles.

Krämer Motorcycles maintains a close technical partnership with KTM, utilizing the Austrian maker’s 690 single-cylinder and 890 parallel-twin engines to power its complete range of genuinely ready-to-race motorcycles. That partnership extends to WP Suspension, which is owned by KTM AG. The connection is more than skin deep, as the limited-edition KTM RC 8C is a Krämer-designed motorcycle based almost entirely on the GP2-890R platform. Currently, the Krämer offers the EVO2-690S and 690R singles, alongside GP2-890R and 890RR twins.

The 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR’s parallel-twin engine is derived from the KTM 890 Duke range of motorcycles, which uses the 890 LC8 mill. The RR-spec engine increases performance to an impressive 138 horsepower and 74 ft-lbs of torque—an eight-horsepower gain compared to its single-R sibling, and a 19-horse uptick when weighed against a stock 890 Duke R powerplant. Lightweight titanium connection rods and high-compression pistons from Pankl lend a hand on the dyno. Featherweight valves further those efforts, as does a new camshaft with more aggressive profiling.

Additional engine massaging includes CNC-milled head ports, and larger-than-stock 48mm Dell’Orto throttle bodies are fed by an improved ram-air intake system. Spent gases are expelled via a redesigned full-exhaust system. Due to said updates, the redline is elevated to 11,500 rpm, and power is delivered via an impressively flat torque curve, according to Krämer.

Mectronik supplies the ECU with an integrated six-axis IMU, allowing the GP2-890RR to add adjustable traction and wheelie control to its repertoire—a first for the GP2 range. The new ECU utilizes a wide-band oxygen sensor and accommodates live tuning, ensuring your engine is constantly operating at peak performance. Notably, the open Mectronik ECU allows owners to reflash their bikes with custom settings or settings they’ve acquired from Krämer Motorcycles or the GP2-890RR owner community.

The 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR’s AiM MXS 1.3 data logger has a five-inch TFT display and offers racetrack niceties such as a GPS lap timer and is fully integrated into the RR’s internal sensors. Race Studio software can be used to study sessions or share with coaches.

Perhaps the defining characteristic of any Krämer track bike is the lightweight 25CrMo4 chromoly steel-trellis frame and high-spec chassis components. Unlike most production street motorcycles, Krämer zeroes in on the racer mindset with maximum adjustability, including swingarm angle, steering angle, offset, ride height, seat height, rearset positioning, and clip-on handlebar adjustment. Together, those features allow complete chassis geometry and ergonomic customization. The RR-spec machine also boasts progressive linkage on its cast aluminum swingarm. In addition, fully adjustable WP Apex Pro suspension is utilized and optimized for this specific model. A Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta master cylinder is connected to premium Brembo Stylema calipers with steel-braided lines.

Redesigned bodywork comes into the RR fold, providing greater wind protection to reduce fatigue. Compared to the single-R sibling, the bodywork on the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR improves aerodynamic efficiency by nine percent and should serve the roughly nine mph higher top speed well. A Krämer design trademark is its 4.2-gallon fuel tank, which doubles as the tail section and features an integrated rain light.

Pricing for the 2024 Krämer GP2-890RR begins at $39,995, with 125 units manufactured globally. Color options include matte Brno Blue and glossy Brainerd Black. Those looking to start their 2024 track season in style won’t have to wait much longer; arrival is slated for next month.

Photography by Benny Kaetzmer

2024 Krämer GP2-890RR Specs




2024 Krämer GP2-890RR Price: From $39,995

2024 Krämer GP2-890RR SpecsENGINECHASSIS DIMENSIONS and CAPACITIES2024 Krämer GP2-890RR Price: From $39,995