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Aerotech launches dynamic 2

Jun 11, 2023

UK — The manufacturer of high-performance motion control and positioning systems, Aerotech, launches the AGV-XPO. This highly dynamic, 2-axis laser scan head combines low-inertia, high-efficiency motors with ultra-high resolution position feedback and optimised structural dynamics.

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The new AGV-XPO galvo scanner from Aerotech enables maximum acceleration profiles and excellent path accuracy with minimal following error. According to the manufacturer, this makes it ideal for the fast and high-precision production of complex components in microelectronics, medical technology and the automotive industry. The new laser scanner can be seen for the first time at Laser - World of Photonics in Munich at Aerotech's booth 245 in hall A6.

The new AGV-XPO is used wherever a higher process throughput is to be achieved with minimal subsequent error and very high dynamic precision. Typical applications include high-speed drilling and cutting, in electronics manufacturing, for example, in the processing and production of displays, in laser processing with femtosecond lasers and in all other applications that require scanning with a large field of view and long focal length.

The 2-axis laser scanner allows a higher process throughput due to its excellent dynamics and an improved process yield due to its high precision. The newly conceived galvo motor design reduces the moment of inertia of the drives by almost 30 % compared to the standard AGV-HPO motor. Another benefit is the optimised drive electronics, which have a higher bandwidth and improved current control.

The AGV-XPO features excellent point stability and tracking performance — even at long focal lengths. With optional integrated water and air cooling, the new scanner also achieves maximum thermal stability, guaranteeing high throughputs while maintaining quality. Furthermore, it enables faster execution of aggressive path files, with minimal consequential errors. The path accuracy can thus be optimised even for difficult applications.

Seamless, coordinated movements can be achieved via servo and stepper motor stages, hexapods and piezo nanopositioners. Only one control platform is required for the entire motion system or subsystem. The use of an Aerotech controller facilitates synchronisation and coordination of the AGV-XPO's motion with other motion axes in the system. Since all units are programmed and controlled through the same intuitive user interface, operator comfort is high.